Chi Chi Cosmetics Lipsticks

Love for Lipstick

Those of who ,who knows me personally , or in other words have been part of my crazy side knows how much I love Lipsticks and my unconditional love for them. And I have always agreed to the fact that I may be a borderline Lipstick hoarder. But having said that I only love lipstick which are affordable or on sale.

As I love sale items ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

Till the time there where normal bullet lipsticks I stayed neutral and only picked up brands like Revlon , Loreal and Colorbar ( only available in India). And with the evolution of liquid lipsticks the urge to try other brands and their formulation was quite a thing for me. And while testing those I would review them in my head.

So taking this as opportunity I would like to share my views about a brand which is quite know in Australia .

Its Chi Chi Cosmetics.

To be honest I was not quite into the brand at the beginning. As to me it was new but the pricing was quite bit high if you ask me. And then I realized essence cosmetics being so well know has so so affordable prices and this brand is so heavy on pricing.

So I used to just eye ball the products displayed on shelves and would walk away from there and end up buying from Essence Cosmetics. Until one day!!!!!

NOTE:-“” The Dramatic Event Starts Here””

So if you are aware of the Kat Von D lipsticks shade “Plath”‘ you would know it the best brown shade for a brown skin tone. But always it would be always out of stock online or in Sephora. Around the same time I came across Chi Chi Cosmetics lip liner in brown which looked quite identical and that is when I noticed the brand and its range of colour options.

You can tell reds and oranges are my thing.

So I ended up buying there shades of liquid lipsticks to try if these can be a new favourite.

It just has the most basic packaging with black glossy cap and clear bottle. Very generic doe foot applicator.

The only thing that is different is the fact that its formulae is very very mouse like. Quite easy only application have a vanilla like scent to it.

Once dried down it becomes very matte. A more powdery matte. So a good moisturized lip can live through these I would say.

Shade :- Call me Maybe

I love a good muted rose pink color. Shade ” Call Me Maybe” is a super easy to wear Pink when you don’t want to look fancy.

Shade:- Killing It

This is a super flattering color. I got couple of compliments too the day I wore this particular shade. Specially on a brown or an olive skin tone this color works beautifully.

A very beautiful muted rose pink. Lovely color. Very flattering.

I love a good name. And the shades names are super fun.

Honestly on a price point of view it is on a pricey side. I would prefer to buy only if on sale. Otherwise I love the formulae and is quite long lasting.

It is a Cruelty free and a Vegan brand and that definitely is something to appreciate and recommend for. It has a varied range of products. From face makeup to body care to nails. They also have a very counted number of perfume options as well. And according to me they are targeted to more younger customer preferably teens.

Thats it from me this week.

I will try to post more regularly and if you here and like what you read please follow my blog.

Hope you have a great week ahead.


XX Ritika

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KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance v/s Bulgari Omnia Paraiba

My Recent Aclyric Art

I hope and pray you are safe and healthy and I wish a safe and healthy environment for you and your family and friends.

Covid 19 has not only become a pandemic but also is that “wake up alarm” we all needed as community to respect mother nature and be thankfull for what we have got.

Now the kind of longing for very minimal things it created is unimaginable. Just to go for a walk in park makes you think twice. Meeting a dear one is prohibited. Hugs are replaced by distant waves. Rationiong the food has become common in every household. But it is for our good and” we must distance ourselves now so that we can unite soon”.

I find artwork, gardening and Perfumes very liberating and a mood refresher.

As a mom of very young children ,art and craft is a great way to keep them engaged . Does gets messy and cleanup takes for ever. But that is bound to happen guess.

And for me my cuppa and perfumes are keeping me occupied.

Well i started writing this article in winter but ended up posting in spring. Well that explains all I guess.

Whenever i buy perfumes i make a conscious effort of buying perfumes with different notes. But every time the notes and the fragrance pyramid never comes to help when u are blind buying. Yes! you read it right I blind buy most of my perfumes. It gives me a thrill to guess the perfume by the notes and reviews and checking if I like it or not.

KKW fragrance crystal Gardenia edp and Bvlgari Omnia Edt are results of my blind buys.

I love bvlgari perfumes .I think the designer house’s Goldea range is incredible. I own Rose Goldea and Roman Nights Goldea(Comment below if you want me write a review about them). And the whole Omnia range is quite known and loved by perfume lovers.

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba

So I got to know about Bvlgari Omnia for Crystalline (white bottle) but when I tested it it didnt work for me. So the entire Omnia range has around 6 variants. And then after a week I read about Paraiba. The nose behind this perfume is Alberto Morallis. So the vision behind this perfume was scent of Brazilian Jungle. Well I have never been to Brazilian jungle but if it smells like exotic fruits then they might have hit the right note here. So when I tried my hunt for a sniff of Paraiba. I couldn’t get any , then I got to know its discontinued. So it was quite evident that I was going to get a sample or sniff of it somehow and as luck might have it I stumbled upon a tester bottle which I grabbed.

According to Fragrantica The Top notes has passionfruit , Bitter Orange. Middle note has Passion flower, gardenia and base note has Vetiver and Cocoa Pod.

First spray of it very Bitter and very fresh imaging you bit into the bitter orange skin . And then the gardenia follows very quickly. It does becomes very passionfruit gardenia. And after 10-15 minutes the gardenia wares off and the passionfruit is persistent.

Though it is not in the note but for me it smells a lot like ripe guava, if you can imagine that.

As all the Bvlgari perfumes ,these are quite long lasting on me. Even though this is a EDT but lasts up to 5-6 hours. As we have just entered the spring I got by all fruity one out. This is just so refreshing โค

Its packaging is quite clever i would say. Because of the bottle design you don’t feel like carrying a 65ml bottle.

Sprayer has good distribution. Overall โœ…โœ…โœ…โœ…

KKW Crystal Gardenia

So I am a big lover of Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks but very recently I got to know about Kim ‘s line of fragrances. And I started to read about them , surprisingly the crystal line only had few good reviews for them. As I live in Australia not many perfumes are available in pharmacies or perfume shops. So I had to read the noted over and over again to understand what I might get. So I found a very very cheap deal on ebay and I got it.

So the full presentation comes in a white cardboard box with coordinated crystals with with which has different healing purposes. The crystal line has three variation and I got the Gardenia here. The bottle is designed as a crystal with a frosted finish. Sleek and well made. Doesn’t feel cheap at all for the price paid.

The top note has pink grapefruit ,pear and water lily. Middle notes are all white flowers gardenia, tiara, tuberose. And base notes are amber ,musk and sandalwood.

This in the first whiff is very sour and bright and gives you a glimpse of grapefruit and white florals. So a mix of fruity floral. And around the first few minutes this is a total dupe of Bvlgari Paraiba with only difference of Paraiba being bitter and later one being sour.

Honestly this is my first KKW Fragrance and I love it in hot summers. Its very bright and sparkly. Stays on me for around 4-5 hours easily. On me it does project gardenia a lot. It does reminds me of my time spend with my parents when they came to visit us last year.

I wish and pray that things gets back to normal soon.

From the price point of view KKW is fairly cheaper but unfortunately both are not available in market except used one online.

Let me know if you find these two similar. Please share your views in the comments.

And if you like what you read please follow my blogs, it would validate my work and effort.

Until next time please take care of yourself, drink water and love yourself โค


D’COEUR Hair Perfume Treatment REVIEW

What is D’COEUR Hair Perfume Treatment?

It is a perfumed hair treatment which is made from organic plant oil, helps to nourish and revitalize the hair. Helps to maintain the moisture and retain the shine.

It is non greasy and not sticky.

Advised to use on damp hair about 70% dry hair to be specific.

It comes in Fruity and Rose variants .

The things that make it even more desirable is that it is…

  • Sulfate Free
  • No Silicone
  • Alcohol Free
  • No Testing on Animals
  • Paraben Free
  • Bottle is Recyclable.

And now lets together appreciate the packaging . Its beautiful and feels very luxe. I know it might sound crazy but I still keep the bottles back in the cardboard box that they were sent in. I am sucker for great packaging. And I have to tell you those bottles of perfume are very well made. These are spray bottles and and comes only in 100ml quantity. So travelling with these might be a little tricky in my opinion.

To learn more click on below button ๐Ÿ‘‡

How do I really feel about it?

So before I tell about my opinion or experience upon using D’COEUR I have to share a little story. If you have read my last blog about my Hair Care then you would know I have not treated my hair with much care in past. And motherhood takes a toll on hair health too. And with being in pandemic and lockdown the only way to keep myself entertained is experiments on my hair . So very recently I colored my hair. Currently my hair has colour and the results that I got is on semi damaged hair.

And being a mum of two toddler honestly having a dedicated Hair routine is quite a task. And D’COEUR is an absolute go to for me these days. And this being in a spray form makes such a big difference . The distribution on hair is even and you can handle the sprayer as you like by using it in targeted areas /ends. And me being a fragrance enthusiast having the idea of Hair perfume treatment was quite alluring to me. And I am very glad that I didn’t get disappointed.

Where does the sheep gets her hair cut?

At “”BAA-BAA Shop”” ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

After Two weeks of use. My hair looks much healthier and manageable. My hair color is fading off hence the discoloration.

Looks more lush and shiny under sun .

As we are living in such a fast pace life we want and wish to try to make things easier . But having to do things in easy and quick manner we often compromise on quality .And in times like theses when world is facing a global pandemic self care has to be taking into consideration ever so seriously , compromising on quality is out of question now. Be it something you make to eat or you apply on face , you need to make sure to be aware of the effects and side effects of the product.

After 2 weeks of use of D”COEUR Hair Perfume Treatment I can definitely say this is quite a unique product in itself.

Absolute delight to use!!

The fragrance are not harsh because of no alcohol usage. It smells very very organic and natural to be honest. Especially the rose one. Fruity one I personally don’t like much as it tend to smell very artificial afterwards. But Rose variant is beautiful.

The fragrance stays upto 48hours which is absolutely mind blowing.

Its just like a hair mist but with very thin layer of serum which is not oily or greasy but beautifully sits on hair and moisturizes it.

I have natural curly hair which I like to flat iron it mostly as it makes my life more easier. I have noticed a difference when I spray D’COEUR after flat ironing my hair.

I am yet to use their entire hair care range. They have recently launched a limited edition Hair Perfume Treatment in Bossy โค

Check out their website and Instagram page to know more. A special thanks to Hui from Facebook D’COUER page for sending these to me to sample. I am enjoying these to bits.

And if you haven’t followed me on my Instagram please do follow, I keep posting more interesting things there……..

And if you have used D’COEUR Hair Perfume Treatment then , please share your experience .

Psstttt…….BTW what are you binge watching these days?? ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜› Let me now ..

Stay Safe, Drink Water and Stay POsitive.

XoXO Ritika


Garnier Organics Facial Oil Yay or Nay?

Finally …..finally Winter is over and Spring crept in. At last my Cherry blossom is at full bloom. I love the warm breeze by afternoon, the fragrance from the flowers really become evedent in the atmosphere and it feels like everything is going to be ok and it is going to be great!!!

I don’t know about others, but Spring / Summer brings the best in me I feel.

Transition is on ….while nature is getting more colorful I am getting out my sloth mode…which I low key love ๐Ÿ˜›.

I literally run on a busy schedule……being a stay at home mum of two toddlers it does gets busy everyday. And women who are best at multitasking tend to put things like self care to backend which eventually starts showing up as aging, wrinkles, dark circles.

So I tend to keep my morning and night skin care regime intact no matter what.

And when it comes to skin care products I love my serums.

What are Facial serum?

Serums are made of concentrated seed oils or flower oils or vitamins which are formulated in smaller molecules , enabling them to penetrate deep into skin cell and target specific skin concerns like aging, wrinkles.

Pic taken near Tuggeranong Lake “‘its not Lavandin'”

Goodness of Lavender!!

Lavender from many years has been used in cosmetic world mainly for its healing and medicational properties.

These are used by many perfume houses and is dedicatedly been grown across France for that purpose. These grow in shrubs and have been used for infections, therapy, aroma therapy.

What is Lavandin??

Lavandin is related to common Lavender.Basically its a cross between English and Portuguese Lavender.

Garnier Organics Regenerating Lavandin Facial Oil

I was super excited to try new facial oil.

As per the marketing the faical oil is made from Lavindin stem distillation which is grown in Frace.

The brand claims it is a Vegan formulae and the bottle which is glass contained 25% recycled glass. And the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. ๐ŸŒฑ

Top points for the effort to make use of recyclable products making sure it is eco friendly.sIt says the formulae also contains Argain oil and Anti oxidents vitamin E that instantly nourishes and softens the skin.

They have positive results on 85% of people they tested these product on.

How did it perform on me?

I have a very standard skin routine which is follow every single day. So ever morning I first cleanse my face and apply serum or facial oil and after 10 mins apply a sunscreen.

And at night just apply serum or facial oil before bed.

And because of the lockdown and pandemic I am hardly using any makeup. So no additional product being applied at all.

Unfortunately this product did very poorly on my skin.

With this specific oil I had to apply intermittently as it made my skin quite dry especially around mouth.

I religiously used this for a month with increasing the applications but it didnt help at all. And the nail of the coffin was when my skin started get dry white patches.

I immediately had to stop the usage of this serum.

Just to make it clear I started using it at the end of Canberra winters.

So as I always do I try to let my readers know under what climatics situations or skin conditions I was using any skin product or any product for that matter.

So in this specific experience my skin got Good to Worst unfortuately.

The consistency of product is very runny and oily which is how it is supposed to be.

Extremely light on skin, not greasy at all.

My experience with Garnier Organics was not satisfactory but I hope it has worked for someone.

Currently I am back to my favorite serum .

Stay Happy, Drink loads of water and Be POsitive


Ritika ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


4 Eye makeup and Lips Combo for Everyday

Happy National Lipstick Day

I know its a bit late, but “Better late than never”.

I am a avid makeup junkie and to be honest I wanted to come up with an blog that I very much follow in my everyday life or I better say i used to follow in my pre covid life.

At time like these feeling good and looking good for your self is very very important.

And for someone like me who finds happiness in getting ready for no reason, well why not make ourselves happy by doing what brings joy or as Mary Kondo would say “Sparks Joy”.

Lipsticks were invented around 5000 years ago. And each civilization women had used different methods to color their lips.

With National Lipstick Day falling this month I felt writing about this topic at this time is nothing but perfect.

So here I have decoded my go-to 4 Looks

Cat Eye Bold Lip

One of my favorite and easy to achieve Combination.

I feel Red lips always compliment thick cat eyeliner.

In this picture I have only achieved the look with few products only . Winged liner and red lips instantly brightest the face.

And blue tone red lipsticks are my favorite but from the time I tried Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip paint I am literally obsessed with it.

I prefer minimum face makeup when I put on a red lipstick. So here I have applied a bit of nyx concealer and bit of face powder to set it in. And Benefit cosmetics Galifornia Blush which is a beautiful peach toned blush and my favorite Dandelions Highlighter.

Eyeliner is from loreal. And for Lips its the Fenty Stunna Lip paint which is gorg by itself.

Colored Eyes Nude Lips

I love color liners a lot. They are so much fun to work around. I usually put color liners on my bottom water line and thick coat of mascara and a ashy nude lipstick.

Here I have tried Kat Von D lipliner in turquoise and with thick coat of my favorite mascara. If you are reading this you must try Maybelline Falsies Lashout mascara and you will thank me . And keeping all the base products same I have only changed the Lipstick. Here I am wearing a ashy liquid lipstick from brand Australis and making the focus on my eyes.

TIP:- When you do a colored eye makeup try to keep the lips neutral or nude.

The No Makeup Eyes and Lips

This one is a subtle and very natural look. On eyes I find nude liner on water line opens up eyes and make them appear a bit bigger. And to further enhance it try out a brown liner and draw a underline on the outer end of the eye making it ever so natural and its gives and illusion of elongated eyes. Load on some heavy duty mascara.

For the lips i went very peach like tint from Dior. Its such a beautiful product to use on everyday makeup.

And because the eyes and lips are muted a bit, I am using a mauve blush to bring the warmth to the face which makes it look fresh and healthy.

Bold Eyes with Gloss

I feel that a good Gloss makes your look very glam. I have used Maybelline khol to intensify the eyes. And my trusted mascara from Maybelline . For lips I first used Maybelline matte ink in shade “Amazonian” and toped it with Korres Lip gloss. And to make it more glam pull your hair back in sleek bun or a low pony tail.

A very effortless glam look.

Let me know what you think about my everyday look options. What is your go to look, let me know I would love to try.

Keep doing what you love to do, and believe in it.

xoxo… Ritika

If you have made it to end of this blog please take a moment and pray for people injured or lost life in Lebanon. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


Nail ART ๐Ÿ’…

It was at very young age that Makeup was introduced to me.

I was in primary school when my parents put me into dance classes. And soon it became a very strong learning curve as according to others I was good at it. I soon started to participate in local Indian classical dance competitions . With that came the makeup and getting ready for the D Day. Putting on the sequenced dresses with huge frills, jewelleries every thing was exciting. And as a little girl dressing up was my favorite thing too.

Growing up years the one person whom I used to look up to was and is my Mum.

She used to don beautiful long nails and would put one particular shade nail paint. I remember when I was old enough to start trying out nail paints I asked my mum if she can buy a different shade than usual one. To which she replied “NOPE”. ๐Ÿคฃ

So I wished to try every color if and when possible in future.

A little fastword to the time…….. after my masters I got a job offer as a HR Recruiter and was working for a Firm. And at weekends I would do my Nails.

Remember i told you my Mum donned long nails so yes I started doing that.

Nail Tip:- Regular Trimming is a must. And in current times when frequent hand wash is must , use a good hand and nail cream.

On weekends I would try some nail art and one week I forgot to literally put decent nail paint on and went to office with my nail art . I literally got so many of my co-workers checking up on me and on me being sane to do art on nails. Well that kept happening and I loved to see their faces each time they would see my nail art.

Art to me is like meditation. It is so liberating . So nail art is no different . It gives me more high cause you get small canvas. Its interesting. Its challenging.

People have questioned my sanity . And i dont blame them.

But it is so much Fun.

Not even 50% of the entire collection.
Nail Art

At one point doing nails was like a most important Art project. And Facebook very conveniently added crazy to my addiction for Nail Art.

Sometimes these little diy and art projects does gives you a space of creative satisfaction and keeps you motivated . Truth to be told these nail art used to literally give me a space of freedom after long and hectic work hours .

So in times like this when we are house bound and spending all our days working from and at home any type of art and craft or DIY serves a very important purpose. It not only gives you an idea that you can do a new form of Art but also rejuvenates your mind. Pick up any thing. Be it knitting, sketching, stitching, baking or gardening . Anything you never tried before. And by the time we are over this pandemic you might have stock of artifacts which you can use for Christmas …….. (I am Not Joking) ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’•

My interpretation of India’s 70th Independence Day.

Butterfly Effect

“Some of my nail art that was done in one of my hardest year (mentally physically).The only thing that I was doing open heartedly and was enjoying the process and not worrying about being judged. That’s what ‘”ร„rt Form” does. It just gives you an authority to interpret any thought or idea to portray in the vision you want it be .

They say never mess with a women who has put fresh nail paint.

Now that my hands are full as a Mum myself. So Nails and Nails paints are a luxury which I cant have. I very recently have started to paint nails very reluctantly, but my missy loves to see my colored nails.

So because I have such a massive stock of nail paints so I decided to put them to use with the help of my kids.

Also its a great art project for kids too .

Small pebbles for the pots. I ask lil ones to paint it with nail paints and if you pick metallic colors it looks even more better. And the pride and joy you see on their faces that “MUM let us hold nail paint “‘ is a bonus.

Did you see my Van Gogh interpretation????

Let me know what you think about it.

Stay home stay safe.

xoxo Ritika


Dolce and Gabana Anthology L’Imperatrice 3 Perfume

Hello Readers!!

My first ever perfume review. I am no expert of explaining perfume but I think i have a nose to pick that stands out or might have worked for me.

I am gonna share my views just as a common buyer and would try to breakdown the fragrance for you.

I choose D & G 3 L’Imperatrice as my first perfume to review because for mere two reasons.

Simplicity in Apperance

Complex Composition

Lets first talk about the Bottle first. The makers might have thought because they are creating such unique fragrance so better keep the bottle simple.

Bottle is neat , cap is basic but sturdy and atomizer distributes the juices evenly.

I feel it would be a best addition to your vanity for its looks as it stands very sexy.

Now about the smelly part (pun intended) , first spritz gives you a very Pungent, sour very bitter fragrance, followed by watery water melon.

And settles down as a fruit punch which has loads of melons in it.

Sweet, Fresh Melony and Bitter. May be its only me but i do smell something like Guava.

Its an EDT ,but stays put for a long long time,,,,, lingers even more on clothes.

Best for hot/warm days outdoors. I would say its best for daytime only.

If you try in warm days you would enjoy it more .

I bought my bottle through http://www.fragrancenet.com .Great site with amazing bargains!!

Thats it, i wont write more about it cause its better when you own it and wear it.




The Body Shop |British Rose Edition Eye & Cheek Makeup Palette

Dear Readers,

The Body Shop is one of my favorite brands and when it comes to buying makeup which is cruelty free its the ideal brand to go to.

Today i am going to talk about The Body Shop “British Rose Edition Palette”.

TBH (The Body Shop) launched its British Rose Collection around last year and was quite a hit. Along with the skin care range TBH also launched a palatte inspired by British Roses. As the name suggestes the palatte is a beautiful dipiction od shades of roses.

Palette has six eyeshadow shades representing rosy tones and smoky hues and two blushes to get a glowy day and night look.


Its quite simple and cute. Packaging it sturdy which makes it a good pick on your travel days. It does have a quite a good size mirror which again comes in handy when you are travelling. Eye shadows are all matte finish which makes it quite wearable for everyday makeup.

Product Quality

As it is a eye and cheek palette hence color pigmentation has to be considered. And honestly the color pay off isn’t that great but is average, which makes it a good option for new makeup lovers who wants to try hands on eye make up but are not quite pro yet.

The blushes have decent pigmentation. One of the blushes have shimmer in it .

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-15 at 10.00.54 PM

Its definitely a bit pricey (AUD 44.95) . WhatsApp Image 2017-05-15 at 10.01.00 PM

Personally i totally love TBH cause and its work culture how it provides employment and empowerment to loads of locals across globe, so for me i would buy it just for the brand TBH , otherwise the palette is quite average in my opinion.

Thanks again for reading the post.

Love ….


Narciso Poudree EDP

Perfume Review

So in 2016 I was in Sydney with my Husband walking down the Pitt Street with a baby cooking inside me( i guess i was in my second trimester). And I get a waft of an absolutely stunning extremely seductive scent. I kept sniffing like a dog as much as I could.

A few blocks later we entered the Priceline pharmacy and there I was caught by the same scent and upon enquiry I got to know it was “Narciso Rodrigues For Her”‘.

And since then I am a huge fan of this Designer House.

They are known for using the “Musk” in the most wicked way.

I love the fact that the designer kept the product packaging fairly simple and minimal and let the perfume spark.

All the Narciso line of perfumes has same bottle design with varied colours.

Narciso Poudree is the second perfume released. There are total six or seven flankers in this line.

Recently the designer house released the latest addition to the line . I am hope that I get to test it soon.

The idea of keeping all the bottles colour coded is so much fun.

Only drawback the bottles are quite bulky and cant be carried in handbags. Though these perfumes are quite potent and doesn’t require frequent reapplication .

Perfume bottle itself is kept very simple with just Narciso written on it.

While the box consists all the information.

As per the Narciso Rodriguez official website this perfume is described as embodiment of mercurial power. Musk is refined which reveals voluptuous sensuality .Flowers used is Jasmine , Bulgarian Rose with signature woody notes of vetiver and black and white cedars.

Perfumes can be confidence booster. Apparently around 97 % respondents feel more confident when wearing fragrance.

My Thought

First Sniff

It literally reminds me of Narciso Rouge dried down version.

Extremly long lasting

6 plus hours on skin on pulse points.

Dry Down

It definitely has that famous Musk note prominently making its presence through out. And the white flowers turns out more and more softer and powdery.

Quite a potent one. Very very sophisticated .

Appropriate for
It is a very mature scent so someone in early 30 can full this off really well.

It the best office wear perfume. Very inoffensive and very much apt for a formal setup.

I feel this is one of the most formal and discrete among all the other Narciso. You can wear it to a formal event .It has a very old times vibe to it but it doesn’t smell dated fortunately.

For me it took a while to grow on me. I love unconventional scents. This is quite safe very unlike Narciso Rodriquez fragrances. But it has grown on me.

And now when the whole world mostly operates from house I think it is perfect time to treat yourself with good fragrance. It does make a positive shift in the mood.

Perfume stays longer on a well moisturized skin.

I hope you are staying safe and taking every precautionary steps to keep yourself and your family safe from covid19.

These are difficult time but hang in there. This time shall pass too.

Till then try new fragrances. And comment below if you have tried Narciso Poudree and if yes what are your thoughts on it.



Drop of the ‘HAT”

My top 4 recommendations for SUMMER HATS for Oval Face

So I am a Libra and i love “Sun”and sunny climate. I literally dont kow if they are atall related but I promise you will know why I am telling you this.

Well I cant deal with winters and by great luck and dear Husband I live in one of the cities in Australia where the temperature goes sub zero degrees.

Well needless to say I literally go into my den in “‘Winters”.

Took it at Floriade Fest 2018, Canberra

I love “Summers”‘ I literally wait for them. The sky becomes more blue , you see bees hustling , birds chirping. In short a lot merrier. I am a sucker for SUMMER.

Well last year Summer’s for Australia were really rough. It was one of the worst and claimed many lives. Unfortunate but a harsh reality where you are bound to kneel down to Mother Earth.

It was quite a scary time. Most of the cities were covered with smoke haze. And just like now in Pandemic we were on high alert. Just when i think of this time I guess nature was already preparing us for a Pandemic secretly.

So what was I saying was ร LOVE SUMMERRSSSSSS……………. Although Australian Summers are quite harsh too but personally i can deal with heat much better than COLD and Frosty winters.

Did you know that The Eiffel tower actually grows in the heat of the summer. Due to the iron expanding, the tower grows about 6 inches…

I feel we (Indians/ Brown skin) think harsh sunlight cannot do any harm which is not true. Hence skin protection is IMPORTANT.

And so is a SUMMER HAT.

So here are my 4 recommendations for Summer hats. If anyone wants to try out Summer Hat whenever we go out in the “VIRUS” free world then keep on reading.

โ€œLife is like a new hat. You donโ€™t know if it suits you if you keep trying it on in front of your own mirror.โ€ 

Classic Straw Hat

This is a very versatile style hat. Very classic and goes with pretty much every outfit.

Black Wide Brim Hat

A very classic WIDE BRIM hat best for beaches and vacations when you will get more exposure in SUN.

White Cotton Bucket Hat

You can really dress up with this style of hat. I personally love it. If you pair it with white linen pants and pastel blouse this literally gives you a “‘vacy'”vibe .

Stitch detail Hat

This is again a no brainer go to hat. Goes with every thing . Easy to fold and carry. Unlike the straw and wide brim hat you don’t have to worry about the brims of this one. This holds on to its shapes no matter how you keep it.

Picture courtesy “Dear Momma”‘


Just like any other apparel this needs to stored and kept away nicely so that Hats don’t loose its shape.

Tricky part of Hats are if there are any folds in it, then it literally takes a lot more time to retain its earlier shape.

Dust bags are necessary for storage.

Any dust residue on the HATS can ultimately effect the hair.

2018 summers I ordered myself a Morgan Taylor hat from this wonderfull online site called “Birdsnest Official”‘

I really love their business and their little personal touch when they deliver the product.

Look at the hand written note. Check them out they do have amazing collections too.


That’s my thought about Summer Hats. Let me know what do you think.

Happy Summer, Stay Safe Put a Hat on!!!!

xoxo Ritika

Hair Care

“‘ La Bang Hair Mask”‘

โ€œ Life is too short to have boring hair”‘

So I am born into a South Indian family. Those who aren’t aware of Indian demographics ,,, South India is the coastal regions and dont ask me why but majority will have wavy or curly hair.

And I have super curly hair which I hated until yesterday. I grew up literally hating my hair. Till the time I was in school it didnt matter much as much it started to bother once I entered college.

Apart from very few hair style options the hair care itself was pretty hard.

My mom would not let me cut hair,,,, I think she liked my hair more than me.

So yes I pretty much hated every bit of my hair, and hence I wouldn’t care much literally. Somehow they are still intact.

And it was in 2009 or 2010 once I started working my brother took me to a salon for a makeover. Legit my first proper hair cut in decades. I was over the moon.

This is the shortest my hair has been. And I loved every bit of it. It was short its was no fuss. But after a wash it literally went back to same curly mess.

So then started using straitening iron almost every other day.

I have heavily bleached my hair and have tried funky colours.

Around this time I realized my hair started to look brittle at the ends and was quite dead . So i started taking a bit of care or in other words spending on hair care sessions at parlours.

True story” one time this lady who was doing my hair that day literally charged me extra cause she had to use more products just to fix my hair”. Well that was funny then but hindsight I was worried .

Since then i stick to basics of oiling the scalp, and keeping the scalp clean.

“‘Did you know a single hair has a life span of 5 years”.

Me in 2010

Just as how my life has seen up and down so does my hair I guess. But over many years I realized that how much ever we love our hair it does require timely care and “TRIMS”. At one point my hair was visibly dead and literally red and I wouldn’t cut them off. I was in this denial that they just need more moisture so i kept applying oil . And it was like that for more than 3 years. By now I had very bad split ends.

And after the little ones came around my hair care again was pushed to a corner. And it was just last year when I realized that I was shedding hair like a dog. And it was making me sick seeing hair every where.

So I “CHOPPED THEM OFF”‘. Felt quite light for few weeks untill it became normal.

Around this time I got to know about this brand called “La Bang Body” which is an Australian Company who makes cruelty free and vegan skin care and hair care range.

Received them in one of my Bella Box subscriptions and since then I have been loving them.

These are combination of many oils with coconut oil.

The texture of it feels authentic and so pure.

It does comes in various flavors and my favorite is so far “Raspberry”.

La’Bang Hair Mask

It is very light and non sticky.

Feels quite natural and the effects are quite visible. I have been using this for over an year now . And I can see a healthier hair and growth.

It Claims to be 100% vegan, 100% cruelty free and without any nasties.

But only thing that is good and not so good is its packaging. So these comes in plastic packs with nozzle and cap. And only comes in 50ml which does makes it a bit pricy but I wouldn’t minds few bucks extra for an all natural product.

But where the packaging design is quite travel friendly but to use it daily becomes a little tricky. I would love to see different packaging option . However I assume the plastic used is bio degradable .

So far pretty impressed by the brand. I would love to try the shampoos and conditioners too very soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Do you know the origin of the word Shampoo?

if you know the answer let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks you for sparing your time and reading this post.

Xo Ritika

Elie Saab Girl Of Now

The World is currently facing a toughest phase in the history of mankind. It seems quite dark and feels like a never ending black hole. It is absolutely impossible for me to remember what life was actually before it all started.

I live in Canberra , and Australia saw one of the worst bushfires in years. And there have been just one after another emergency situation happening . Where are we going????

A racial profiling ended up on killing an innocent man, a world leader acting unruly, animals being brutally killed , daily wage earners had to walk back home in the fix of Pandemic lockdown of cities. It just feels quite unreal that a flu virus is on rampage of killing people disregarding what caste creed they belong and on other hand few people are not leaving any scope of hurting/ killing an other human. It is quite depressing to wake up to such news every other day.

Well i am trying things that were in bucketlist to keep myself engaged these days. And to make each effort , experiment count i am taking the help of my perfumes to register the memory.

Fact ” fragrances produce effects through our experience and learning, memories, conscious perception, beliefs, and expectations”‘

So a little about this beauty so this got major hype as the notes of the perfumes were unconventional, and were thought to be quite a daring composition.

I will list the notes. But as i try and write most of my reviews on what i feel in layman’s term.


Whenever visiting a park or any other natural place, do not wear fragrances having floral notes. Such a fragrance may attract insects and flies towards you”.

“”Art Dรฉcor”” vibe is what i get when i see this beautiful Bottle of Girl Of Now.

Beautiful bottle which quite classy and well thought design.

Top Notes

Orange,Pear , Pistachio

Heart Note

Orange Blossom, Magnolia, Almond

Base Note

Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Cashmere, Almond Milk

First Spray

On the first sniff you get a very bright orange blosson with a creamy almond which will turn a bit bitter almost evolving like a thick balm. The first sniff is quite almond-y with pistachio if you ask me. Its quite nutty.

Settled Sniff

So after 1- 2 mins this now become more rounded and luxurious with your skin composition. This is a very potent perfume. if you ask me 3 sprays at pulse points is more than enough. It just grows more creamier and nutty with the passing time. If you see the picture the juice is bright amber colour which gives away the fact that perfume is quite heavy and dense.

Such a gorgeous scent it is. And the dry down is sweet creamy nutty with a hint of floral.

Little Story Time :- So this is last year when Bushfires were raging and the entire month of December went by just checking the emergency alerts. January brought a bit of relief with a bit of rain and I got to know about a events for kids happenings at the city center.

So I thought it is going to be a idea to take the kids out for a change maybe they will enjoy after a entire smoke filled month. So on eve of Chinese New Year there was a dragon dance happening too. And kids were loving the whole setup, the hype , the dancing.

After this dragon dance got over we all had lunch and little ones started dozing off in the pram after an eventful day.

So just to have a me time I walk into nearby “Myers”. And yes!! I went straight to the Perfume section . And I knew i had to sniff “Girl Of Now”” when i saw it on display racks.

Went in had a spray on my wrist . Tested few others on paper and left . Now as I am moving hand I was getting a waft of creamy almond texture.

So now the little-lies had a nap we went back to the event had a little more fun , got on a merry -go-round ride.

I realized that since it was summer’s it didnt get that much of attention as much it gets now. But this is my scent for days when i want to have a good day, happy time .

This perfume just sets the mood on track and I kid you not perfumes does that a lot.

It does have the ability to evoke emotions. At least happens with me a lot.

This is my happy scent. Though it smells even more stunning now in winters. And is perfect for coming Holiday season or our current “Quarantine Season“‘.

Who Would Wear This??

Anyone who loves Sweet perfumes and loves long lasting perfumes. Also if you love perfumes in general.

Needless to say I absolutely love it . It has my happy memories, lasts super long and bonus is a beautiful bottle.

What else do I need??


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am writing a blog after quite a long time. But i wanted to write about this beauty without I miss my thoughts. Let me know what you feel? Have you smelled this gorgeous yet? If Yes, what are your thoughts.

Thanks for reading on…..

See you soon….XOXO


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