Garnier Organics Facial Oil Yay or Nay?

Finally …..finally Winter is over and Spring crept in. At last my Cherry blossom is at full bloom. I love the warm breeze by afternoon, the fragrance from the flowers really become evedent in the atmosphere and it feels like everything is going to be ok and it is going to be great!!!

I don’t know about others, but Spring / Summer brings the best in me I feel.

Transition is on ….while nature is getting more colorful I am getting out my sloth mode…which I low key love ๐Ÿ˜›.

I literally run on a busy schedule……being a stay at home mum of two toddlers it does gets busy everyday. And women who are best at multitasking tend to put things like self care to backend which eventually starts showing up as aging, wrinkles, dark circles.

So I tend to keep my morning and night skin care regime intact no matter what.

And when it comes to skin care products I love my serums.

What are Facial serum?

Serums are made of concentrated seed oils or flower oils or vitamins which are formulated in smaller molecules , enabling them to penetrate deep into skin cell and target specific skin concerns like aging, wrinkles.

Pic taken near Tuggeranong Lake “‘its not Lavandin'”

Goodness of Lavender!!

Lavender from many years has been used in cosmetic world mainly for its healing and medicational properties.

These are used by many perfume houses and is dedicatedly been grown across France for that purpose. These grow in shrubs and have been used for infections, therapy, aroma therapy.

What is Lavandin??

Lavandin is related to common Lavender.Basically its a cross between English and Portuguese Lavender.

Garnier Organics Regenerating Lavandin Facial Oil

I was super excited to try new facial oil.

As per the marketing the faical oil is made from Lavindin stem distillation which is grown in Frace.

The brand claims it is a Vegan formulae and the bottle which is glass contained 25% recycled glass. And the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. ๐ŸŒฑ

Top points for the effort to make use of recyclable products making sure it is eco friendly.sIt says the formulae also contains Argain oil and Anti oxidents vitamin E that instantly nourishes and softens the skin.

They have positive results on 85% of people they tested these product on.

How did it perform on me?

I have a very standard skin routine which is follow every single day. So ever morning I first cleanse my face and apply serum or facial oil and after 10 mins apply a sunscreen.

And at night just apply serum or facial oil before bed.

And because of the lockdown and pandemic I am hardly using any makeup. So no additional product being applied at all.

Unfortunately this product did very poorly on my skin.

With this specific oil I had to apply intermittently as it made my skin quite dry especially around mouth.

I religiously used this for a month with increasing the applications but it didnt help at all. And the nail of the coffin was when my skin started get dry white patches.

I immediately had to stop the usage of this serum.

Just to make it clear I started using it at the end of Canberra winters.

So as I always do I try to let my readers know under what climatics situations or skin conditions I was using any skin product or any product for that matter.

So in this specific experience my skin got Good to Worst unfortuately.

The consistency of product is very runny and oily which is how it is supposed to be.

Extremely light on skin, not greasy at all.

My experience with Garnier Organics was not satisfactory but I hope it has worked for someone.

Currently I am back to my favorite serum .

Stay Happy, Drink loads of water and Be POsitive


Ritika ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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