Nail ART 💅

It was at very young age that Makeup was introduced to me.

I was in primary school when my parents put me into dance classes. And soon it became a very strong learning curve as according to others I was good at it. I soon started to participate in local Indian classical dance competitions . With that came the makeup and getting ready for the D Day. Putting on the sequenced dresses with huge frills, jewelleries every thing was exciting. And as a little girl dressing up was my favorite thing too.

Growing up years the one person whom I used to look up to was and is my Mum.

She used to don beautiful long nails and would put one particular shade nail paint. I remember when I was old enough to start trying out nail paints I asked my mum if she can buy a different shade than usual one. To which she replied “NOPE”. 🤣

So I wished to try every color if and when possible in future.

A little fastword to the time…….. after my masters I got a job offer as a HR Recruiter and was working for a Firm. And at weekends I would do my Nails.

Remember i told you my Mum donned long nails so yes I started doing that.

Nail Tip:- Regular Trimming is a must. And in current times when frequent hand wash is must , use a good hand and nail cream.

On weekends I would try some nail art and one week I forgot to literally put decent nail paint on and went to office with my nail art . I literally got so many of my co-workers checking up on me and on me being sane to do art on nails. Well that kept happening and I loved to see their faces each time they would see my nail art.

Art to me is like meditation. It is so liberating . So nail art is no different . It gives me more high cause you get small canvas. Its interesting. Its challenging.

People have questioned my sanity . And i dont blame them.

But it is so much Fun.

Not even 50% of the entire collection.
Nail Art

At one point doing nails was like a most important Art project. And Facebook very conveniently added crazy to my addiction for Nail Art.

Sometimes these little diy and art projects does gives you a space of creative satisfaction and keeps you motivated . Truth to be told these nail art used to literally give me a space of freedom after long and hectic work hours .

So in times like this when we are house bound and spending all our days working from and at home any type of art and craft or DIY serves a very important purpose. It not only gives you an idea that you can do a new form of Art but also rejuvenates your mind. Pick up any thing. Be it knitting, sketching, stitching, baking or gardening . Anything you never tried before. And by the time we are over this pandemic you might have stock of artifacts which you can use for Christmas …….. (I am Not Joking) 😉💕

My interpretation of India’s 70th Independence Day.

Butterfly Effect

“Some of my nail art that was done in one of my hardest year (mentally physically).The only thing that I was doing open heartedly and was enjoying the process and not worrying about being judged. That’s what ‘”Ärt Form” does. It just gives you an authority to interpret any thought or idea to portray in the vision you want it be .

They say never mess with a women who has put fresh nail paint.

Now that my hands are full as a Mum myself. So Nails and Nails paints are a luxury which I cant have. I very recently have started to paint nails very reluctantly, but my missy loves to see my colored nails.

So because I have such a massive stock of nail paints so I decided to put them to use with the help of my kids.

Also its a great art project for kids too .

Small pebbles for the pots. I ask lil ones to paint it with nail paints and if you pick metallic colors it looks even more better. And the pride and joy you see on their faces that “MUM let us hold nail paint “‘ is a bonus.

Did you see my Van Gogh interpretation????

Let me know what you think about it.

Stay home stay safe.

xoxo Ritika

Published by sundaymeenabazar

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by . I am Ritika , a mother of two girls who are more like my mom than my daughters . I love everything pink, purple,orange, yellow, blue in short i am in love with "Colors". I use this space to express my views on products, fashion , jewelry. An HR by profession i started writing blogs since 2015, and i continue to do so as it gives me a channel to connect with like minded people. Hope you would stick around this space for more content in future. Share your thoughts and comments if you like to,i would love to read them. XoXo Ritika

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