Drop of the ‘HAT”

My top 4 recommendations for SUMMER HATS for Oval Face

So I am a Libra and i love “Sun”and sunny climate. I literally dont kow if they are atall related but I promise you will know why I am telling you this.

Well I cant deal with winters and by great luck and dear Husband I live in one of the cities in Australia where the temperature goes sub zero degrees.

Well needless to say I literally go into my den in “‘Winters”.

Took it at Floriade Fest 2018, Canberra

I love “Summers”‘ I literally wait for them. The sky becomes more blue , you see bees hustling , birds chirping. In short a lot merrier. I am a sucker for SUMMER.

Well last year Summer’s for Australia were really rough. It was one of the worst and claimed many lives. Unfortunate but a harsh reality where you are bound to kneel down to Mother Earth.

It was quite a scary time. Most of the cities were covered with smoke haze. And just like now in Pandemic we were on high alert. Just when i think of this time I guess nature was already preparing us for a Pandemic secretly.

So what was I saying was Ï LOVE SUMMERRSSSSSS……………. Although Australian Summers are quite harsh too but personally i can deal with heat much better than COLD and Frosty winters.

Did you know that The Eiffel tower actually grows in the heat of the summer. Due to the iron expanding, the tower grows about 6 inches…

I feel we (Indians/ Brown skin) think harsh sunlight cannot do any harm which is not true. Hence skin protection is IMPORTANT.

And so is a SUMMER HAT.

So here are my 4 recommendations for Summer hats. If anyone wants to try out Summer Hat whenever we go out in the “VIRUS” free world then keep on reading.

“Life is like a new hat. You don’t know if it suits you if you keep trying it on in front of your own mirror.” 

Classic Straw Hat

This is a very versatile style hat. Very classic and goes with pretty much every outfit.

Black Wide Brim Hat

A very classic WIDE BRIM hat best for beaches and vacations when you will get more exposure in SUN.

White Cotton Bucket Hat

You can really dress up with this style of hat. I personally love it. If you pair it with white linen pants and pastel blouse this literally gives you a “‘vacy'”vibe .

Stitch detail Hat

This is again a no brainer go to hat. Goes with every thing . Easy to fold and carry. Unlike the straw and wide brim hat you don’t have to worry about the brims of this one. This holds on to its shapes no matter how you keep it.

Picture courtesy “Dear Momma”‘


Just like any other apparel this needs to stored and kept away nicely so that Hats don’t loose its shape.

Tricky part of Hats are if there are any folds in it, then it literally takes a lot more time to retain its earlier shape.

Dust bags are necessary for storage.

Any dust residue on the HATS can ultimately effect the hair.

2018 summers I ordered myself a Morgan Taylor hat from this wonderfull online site called “Birdsnest Official”‘

I really love their business and their little personal touch when they deliver the product.

Look at the hand written note. Check them out they do have amazing collections too.


That’s my thought about Summer Hats. Let me know what do you think.

Happy Summer, Stay Safe Put a Hat on!!!!

xoxo Ritika

Published by sundaymeenabazar

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by . I am Ritika , a mother of two girls who are more like my mom than my daughters . I love everything pink, purple,orange, yellow, blue in short i am in love with "Colors". I use this space to express my views on products, fashion , jewelry. An HR by profession i started writing blogs since 2015, and i continue to do so as it gives me a channel to connect with like minded people. Hope you would stick around this space for more content in future. Share your thoughts and comments if you like to,i would love to read them. XoXo Ritika

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