Elie Saab Girl Of Now

The World is currently facing a toughest phase in the history of mankind. It seems quite dark and feels like a never ending black hole. It is absolutely impossible for me to remember what life was actually before it all started.

I live in Canberra , and Australia saw one of the worst bushfires in years. And there have been just one after another emergency situation happening . Where are we going????

A racial profiling ended up on killing an innocent man, a world leader acting unruly, animals being brutally killed , daily wage earners had to walk back home in the fix of Pandemic lockdown of cities. It just feels quite unreal that a flu virus is on rampage of killing people disregarding what caste creed they belong and on other hand few people are not leaving any scope of hurting/ killing an other human. It is quite depressing to wake up to such news every other day.

Well i am trying things that were in bucketlist to keep myself engaged these days. And to make each effort , experiment count i am taking the help of my perfumes to register the memory.

Fact ” fragrances produce effects through our experience and learning, memories, conscious perception, beliefs, and expectations”‘

So a little about this beauty so this got major hype as the notes of the perfumes were unconventional, and were thought to be quite a daring composition.

I will list the notes. But as i try and write most of my reviews on what i feel in layman’s term.


Whenever visiting a park or any other natural place, do not wear fragrances having floral notes. Such a fragrance may attract insects and flies towards you”.

“”Art Décor”” vibe is what i get when i see this beautiful Bottle of Girl Of Now.

Beautiful bottle which quite classy and well thought design.

Top Notes

Orange,Pear , Pistachio

Heart Note

Orange Blossom, Magnolia, Almond

Base Note

Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Cashmere, Almond Milk

First Spray

On the first sniff you get a very bright orange blosson with a creamy almond which will turn a bit bitter almost evolving like a thick balm. The first sniff is quite almond-y with pistachio if you ask me. Its quite nutty.

Settled Sniff

So after 1- 2 mins this now become more rounded and luxurious with your skin composition. This is a very potent perfume. if you ask me 3 sprays at pulse points is more than enough. It just grows more creamier and nutty with the passing time. If you see the picture the juice is bright amber colour which gives away the fact that perfume is quite heavy and dense.

Such a gorgeous scent it is. And the dry down is sweet creamy nutty with a hint of floral.

Little Story Time :- So this is last year when Bushfires were raging and the entire month of December went by just checking the emergency alerts. January brought a bit of relief with a bit of rain and I got to know about a events for kids happenings at the city center.

So I thought it is going to be a idea to take the kids out for a change maybe they will enjoy after a entire smoke filled month. So on eve of Chinese New Year there was a dragon dance happening too. And kids were loving the whole setup, the hype , the dancing.

After this dragon dance got over we all had lunch and little ones started dozing off in the pram after an eventful day.

So just to have a me time I walk into nearby “Myers”. And yes!! I went straight to the Perfume section . And I knew i had to sniff “Girl Of Now”” when i saw it on display racks.

Went in had a spray on my wrist . Tested few others on paper and left . Now as I am moving hand I was getting a waft of creamy almond texture.

So now the little-lies had a nap we went back to the event had a little more fun , got on a merry -go-round ride.

I realized that since it was summer’s it didnt get that much of attention as much it gets now. But this is my scent for days when i want to have a good day, happy time .

This perfume just sets the mood on track and I kid you not perfumes does that a lot.

It does have the ability to evoke emotions. At least happens with me a lot.

This is my happy scent. Though it smells even more stunning now in winters. And is perfect for coming Holiday season or our current “Quarantine Season“‘.

Who Would Wear This??

Anyone who loves Sweet perfumes and loves long lasting perfumes. Also if you love perfumes in general.

Needless to say I absolutely love it . It has my happy memories, lasts super long and bonus is a beautiful bottle.

What else do I need??


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am writing a blog after quite a long time. But i wanted to write about this beauty without I miss my thoughts. Let me know what you feel? Have you smelled this gorgeous yet? If Yes, what are your thoughts.

Thanks for reading on…..

See you soon….XOXO


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Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by . I am Ritika , a mother of two girls who are more like my mom than my daughters . I love everything pink, purple,orange, yellow, blue in short i am in love with "Colors". I use this space to express my views on products, fashion , jewelry. An HR by profession i started writing blogs since 2015, and i continue to do so as it gives me a channel to connect with like minded people. Hope you would stick around this space for more content in future. Share your thoughts and comments if you like to,i would love to read them. XoXo Ritika

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